Panic was founded in 2007 and is therefore a very young association. There are players of all levels, from people who are very experienced to people who just started. Everyone is able to sign up at any tournament or competition day. We usually have two or three teams of different levels present. Make sure you join these games, they are the best way to learn the game and they are lots of fun!

You can also take a look at our YouTube channel. 

Panic in a nutshell

Panic combines intense ultimate playing and a lot of fun activities. Monthly dinners, drinks and much more!


Besides monthly social activities, since last year Panic also organises a yearly members weekend at the beginning of the year and a summer holiday! The summer holiday is combined with a tournament abroad! Go browse through our famous aftermovies for a sneak peak 🙂


To become a member of Panic you need a membership of the NFB (Dutch Frisbee Association). We also ask for a small contribution to compensate for the expenses that our association makes. Every competition and tournament will be charged separately.

More information

If you have any questions or if you think that the information on this website is incorrect or incomplete, feel free to send an e-mail to our board