Ultimate Frisbee (or Ultimate) is a quick and intensive teamsport. The game is played on a field with two end zones on both sides of the field. The goal is to pass the disc around and catch it in the end zone of the opponent. If you succeed you’ll be rewarded with one point. At the end of the game, the team with most points wins.

Sounds simple right? Think again. There are a lot of obstacles on the way. For example, you are not allowed to walk with the disc in your hand. Also, the disc isn’t allowed to touch the ground. If it does, it is a “turnover”: The disc goes to the other team. And of course there is also the opponent who will try to put up a great defence. Keep in mind that Ultimate is a non-contact sport so the defending team has some boundaries too. To master this sport it requires great throwing technique, condition and tactical insight.

Another thing to mention: This is sport is played without a referee! Even on the highest level of this sport, teams get along without referees. If a conflict occurs, the game is paused and both teams will find a solution based on the game’s rules. Once you tried it, you will see that this works surprisingly well!

If you want to get a impression of Ultimate, we recommend you take a look at the website of the Nederlandse Frisbee Bond (NFB, Dutch Frisbee Association). If you want to know more about the rules read further, and for some first hand experience just join one of our practices! Whether you are experienced or not, everyone is welcome.

Ultimate is a team sport, played by two teams of 5 (indoor) or 7 (outdoor) players, using one disc, on a field with two end zones. Te goal of the game is score points by catching the disc inside the end zone of the opponent. The team with the most points at the end of a match wins.

How the game is played
At the start of each point, both teams line up on the front line of their end zone. The team that scored the last point, throws the disc to the other side, and becomes the defending team. The other team, receiving the disc, takes the role of the offenders and hence try to score. You score a point by catching the disc inside the opponents’ end zone.

Disc rules

  • When you have the disc, you are not allowed to move (walk, jump etc.), but pivoting is allowed. One defender is allowed to count off 10 seconds. If you do not throw the disc before ’10’, you lose the disc to the defending team.
  • If a pass is not completed (the disc is not caught inside the field by an offender, outside the field  or caught/intercepted by a defender), the defense becomes offense and vice versa.

Other rules

  • Ultimate is a non-contact sport. Physical contact is not allowed and considered a foul.
  • Ultimate is played without referees. The players are responsible for an orderly match themselves. Whenever a foul is made, the game is stopped and the situation is solved by the players involved. The “spirit of the game” is one of the most important aspects of every Ultimate match.

Official rules and more to read

  • The official Ultimate rules can be found the Dutch Frisbee Association website: frisbeesport.nl. Click on ultimate to find the official rules.

Competitions and tournaments

There are three Ultimate competitions in the Netherlands. The indoor competition takes place over 4 Sundays in winter (November-February). The first outdoor competition happens over 4 Sundays during spring (March-June). There is also a second outdoor competition in September-October. The competitions are divided into 5-7 leagues. Information about the competition (dates) can be found on the website of the Nederlandse Frisbeebond.

The indoor competition is perfect for new members to get to know Ultimate and Panic. This year we want to continue with two mixed teams and one ladies team to play indoor. During springtime we have two mixed outdoor teams to play competition.

Tournaments often take place over a whole weekend. During the whole year we visit multiple tournaments, both indoor and outdoor. In the summer there are tournaments on the beach, and of course Panic will be present!