Panic has a multitude of fun committees, so check them out below to know more or text one of the committee members:

The tournament committee

The tournament committee stays up to date on all the tournaments that are organised in the Netherlands and promotes this among Panic members. They also keep track of the amount of sign-ups.

In this committee: Kyra and Relja, board member Frank!

Activities committee

“The activity committee thinks up nice Panic activities, making sure there is always something social to do throughout the year. It’s very rewarding to see people enjoying the activities that we organized.”
– Bas

In this committee: Relja, Hanneke, Gaia and Isabella, board member Tim!

The holiday committee

“The holiday committee is responsible for the organization of the yearly Panic vacation, wherein we go abroad to play a tournament and have fun in its surrounding area! As a vacation committee member, you have almost complete creative freedom as to where the vacation will go, and what activities will be done during it! If you like traveling and are good at organizing people, the vacation committee is the committee for you!”
– Roelof

Moreover, the committee can choose to keep morale high by organising a members weekend or maybe even a ski trip somewhere during the year.

In this committee: board member Tim!

Chemical Pleasures committee

“The Chemical Pleasures committee is responsible for organising Panic’s own tournament, Chemical Pleasures. For one weekend in the summer, we invite 8 teams to our field in Leiden for a weekend full of Ultimate, Spikeball, Spirit games, and more. The organisation includes many different aspects, for example the designing and ordering of discs, advertisement, management of the teams and the playing schedule, food and finances planning, direction of the volunteers, the organisation of a party and the spikeball tournament, and more. You can chose which parts of the organisation you feel most excited about and also suggest your own ideas.”
– Ghost

In this committee: Pieter and Bas, board member Mandy!

Introduction committee

“This committee deals with recruiting new members. It is super fun to plan everything from a to z and then execute everything together with your team and the club during the El Cid and the OWL (introduction weeks). You literally make sure that new friends come to the club!”
– Frank

In this committee: Jetske and Raashid, board member Frank!

Coach committee

The coach committee ensures that Panic is at its very best and trains them accordingly.

In this committee: Mitch, Relja, Thor, Djordje, Valentina, board member Roos!

Newsletter committee

“As the newsletter committee you are responsible for writing the monthly members newsletter. It’s a good way to keep up with everything that’s going on within panic. And a good excuse to collect gossip!”
– Daan

In this committee: Jetske, Pieter Pauw, board member Mandy!

Social media committee

The social media committee captures all that Panic does in pictures and videos and shares it with the world.

In this committee: Emilio and Maureen, board member Emma!

Raad van Advies (continuity committee)

It exists of old board members and functions as an advisory board for the current board.

In this committee: Hanneke, Thomas and Pieter, board member Frank!

Treasury committee

It exists of old board treasurers and functions as a financial advisory board for the current board.

In this committee: Mitch, board member Tim!

Interested in joining a committee? Text one of the board members or send an e-mail to